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I like bobbleheads, crumbly abandoned buildings, the Union Jack, iced coffee, walks in the rain, bubble wrap, puddles, peeling stickers, puns, airports, corgis, bacon, foggy mornings, old bottles, bagels, bears, leafless trees, hats, ornate frames, steampunk, and many other things.

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Fangirl Challenge  
(4/5) Heartbreaking Scenes
Lost (4x16)


Rinko Kikuchi photographed by Mitsuo Okamoto

I will give you a show like you have never, ever seen before. Why? Because I can.
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Eyes black, big paws and It’s poison and It’s blood 


The only way this feud can end is with a battered, bruised, and broken Daniel Bryan laying collapsed on the mat. Kane drags him to his feet to deliver the final blow, and Daniel with tears in his eyes opens his arms to Kane. With tears rolling down his face, he pants out, “We were the tag team champions.” Kane is suddenly overcome by emotion, realizing what he’s about to do, and is filled with regret. He rips off his mask and throws it away. Finally regaining his humanity, he embraces his worn down friend. During the embrace he pats Bryan lovingly on the back and the ref calls for the bell. Daniel Bryan wins by way of friendship.

Me: Do a really mean Bucky-as-Winter-Soldier face.

Sebastian: Noooo…. ‘Cause you’re gonna post it, aren’t you? — Okay, I will. Hold on. Ready?

Amber Heard @ 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards

Amber Heard @ 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards

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