A wild COLIN appeared!

Filmgoer. Bookworm. Intrepid traveller. Vampire koala. Peanut butter punk.

I like bobbleheads, crumbly abandoned buildings, the Union Jack, iced coffee, walks in the rain, bubble wrap, puddles, peeling stickers, puns, airports, corgis, bacon, foggy mornings, old bottles, bagels, bears, leafless trees, hats, ornate frames, steampunk, and many other things.

We have chips and dip in the corner.
Enjoy your stay.
hurrayforthemadness said:
♪ ♪ !

Superman, by Stereophonics
you play your cards close to your chest
because your poker face is a dreary mess

My Boy Builds Coffins, by Florence + the Machine
he crafts every one with love and with care
then it’s thrown in the ground
it just isn’t fair